Weekly photo challenge : selfie

A couple of months back my son suddenly and randomly announced in the back of the car “Mummy, Andy Warhol painted Marilyn Monroe in funny colours and it looked cool!”. The up and coming art critic in the back of the car was five and had clearly been looking at Warhol’s work in class that day. I am still amazed at what they learn in school as certainly do not recall considering artists at five years old!
At Christmas he proudly presented his self portraits in the style of Warhol used to make a calendar ( now I do remember at least making a number of calendars at primary school!) I was looking at them this evening and remembered a neat app on this ipad called photo booth that the kids play with constantly. I find evidence of grotesque twisted faces and such in my ipad albums but amongst the options is a thermal image maker which gives a nod towards Warhol.

So I give you me slightly Warhol-ish!


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