And blow she did!!!!!

The sound of ridge tiles being ripped from the roof was something else. I was just below the affected roof at the time and was shaking from the horrendous noise a full half hour afters! I think we got off lightly although our neighbour’s front door looks like it has been in a war zone where the offending tiles peppered it!

My husband had a long face all day yesterday mainly as had been dealing with insurers , contractors and the gasman who was attempting for the third day unsuccessfully to repair our boiler…still there is always the hope that Monday we will have heat and hot water!

I felt the family needed comfort food so after looking in the fridge I decided potato cakes was the way forward. Now we all have comfort food and when I was little , mum always cooked me mash potato and grated cheese as a comfort from having been ill. Hugh Fernley Whittingstall takes it a step further by frying the mix into cheese oozing potato cakes.

You will need for his recipe….

500g cool roughly mashed potato ( no added butter or milk)
100g chopped cheddar
Teaspoon of thyme
Salt and pepper

I added some leftover ham hock too

Mix, roll into patties , dunk in flour and fry off until golden



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