Wordless Wednesday



Exploding artichokes

It is the last crop from last season and has been lying in wait for a sunny day to dig up its knobbly treasure. Well it was quite unexpected what was lurking underneath ! Kilograms and kilograms of artichokes, exploding from everywhere! Well I gave away 5 bags to friends and still have enough for… Continue reading Exploding artichokes

Rich dark date and ginger flapjacks

So I started out making some apple and cinnamon flapjacks with my youngest to find my eldest , being my husband , had eaten the apples! With the promise of cake we ventured into the unknown. A scrabble through the cupboard sprung dates. Well I make date and ginger loaf so why not flapjacks My… Continue reading Rich dark date and ginger flapjacks

Weekly photo challenge : inside

Play for my wee ones seems to centre around being inside structures . This week they have been inside a camouflage  net, wardrobes, cardboard boxes and  today the brilliant beach shelters at Littlehampton.  Mostly I wish to be outside rather than inside ; inside involves cooking , cleaning and ironing!

Weekly photo challenge: perspective

Fessing up! Used this image about a year ago but without the addition of part of my family. I was stuck at the bottom of the hill with a baby in a pushchair so no hope of getting closer. This is how I viewed the willow wild boar. My husband incidentally is 6ft5 so you… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: perspective