World Book Day

Oh the house was charged with excitement this morning! My eldest got dressed so quick for school today; was up and ready to go at 6:30am ( I was less ready for action at that point!). It is World Book Day that celebrates reading in schools across the Uk. Children get to dress up as their favourite character for their school day. On the school run we passed grufallo, Winnie the witch, Captain Hook,Harry Potter to name but a few!

My eldest went as Jake a bored cowboy at a rodeo who accidentally lets out all the animals creating a stampede. He then dresses up as a rattlesnake and eventually scares them all back into their pens.

As in other years I met many parents yesterday trying to cobble together a costume. I stitched up a cowboy waistcoat on my cranky and much sworn at sewing machine. I am quite glad he did not want to be the giant squid a friend’s son wanted to be!


3 responses to “World Book Day

  1. I love it! I’m going to pass this on to Dotti Enderle (author of the book). She’ll be thrilled to see her story has made such a hit across the pond!
    (And kudos to you for stitching up such a cute outfit on a moment’s notice!)

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