Wordless Wednesday



Mottisfont and the mosaic angel

A year ago we spent the day at Mottisfont and my camera battery died . We decided to go there again for an Easter egg trail and guess what , frustratingly my camera battery was uncharged so these are my best shots with my phone! The beautiful angel is by Boris Anrep responsible for mosaics… Continue reading Mottisfont and the mosaic angel

Weekly photo challenge: monument

This was the monument to Golden Easter eggs at the conclusion of an Easter egg trail at Mottisfont Abbey.It took us 2 hours of searching for clues and attempting to shift an immovable¬†2 year old at times. Oh the joys of parenthood with a toddler who will not go in the pushchair but does not… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: monument

All a bit fruity

So who needs eggs and dairy when you can have a boiled fruitcake, moist and dense with fruit? I am still trying to convince my egg/ dairy free 2 year old of the merits of dried fruit and I would like to say he gobbled this up but….oh well my husband and eldest consumed big… Continue reading All a bit fruity

My little samurai

So it has been nearly a year since I posted the start of my son’s samurai warrior costume sewing project at https://sugarandspiceandallthingslife.com/2013/05/10/samurai-warrior-sewing-project/. I had all but given up as my old machine was frustrating me but with the arrival of my shiny new one I finally completed the hellishly difficult multi- pieced pattern. What do… Continue reading My little samurai

Raspberry trifle cupcakes

Hello!!!! I’m back ! Not been blogging as have been obsessively sewing with my new machine . The old one died and my lovely husband and In laws bought me a new all singing all dancing computerised sewing machine for my birthday. Woohoo! Any way I have had a break from it today and thought… Continue reading Raspberry trifle cupcakes