Lucy’s friendly caramel marble cake

I cannot tell you how much Lucy’s blog saves the day on many occasions! ┬áJust to beable to give my wee one an allergy free treat is a wondrous thing . Like Lucy I had been eyeing up the caramel essence ( mine is a Dr Oetkar limited addition – panic buying will follow) when… Continue reading Lucy’s friendly caramel marble cake

Sticky cinnamon buns

Sweet, sticky, cinnamon, doughy, soft, crispy and more. Satisfying, filling, naughty, warming, comforting and more. These are good. SOoooooo GoooooD! Dough: 500g white bread flour 10 g salt 10g quick yeast ( I use Doves) 25g caster sugar 300 ml warm oat milk or equivalent 85 g Pure dairy free spread or equivalent Filling: 80g… Continue reading Sticky cinnamon buns

So English

We were having a last minute shop yesterday before getting dolled up for a charity ball at the end of this week. Just moments from frantic Guildford high street is the castle grounds and it was all happening in a typically English way. Brass Band and bowling and a step back to a different way… Continue reading So English

Weekly photo challenge: on the move…..

It is my children who are constantly on the move. It never ceases to amaze me where on earth they get all their energy from. I would be happy to have a tiny bit of it particularly at 6am when the movement in our house starts! When I look at family snaps one of the… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: on the move…..