Chocolate bourbon cupcakes

I must admit these were a bribe for my eldest to tidy and my youngest to do his speech therapy exercises! It was also an experiment in what happens to tesco bourbon which are dairy/ egg free , when chopped up in cake batter. It gave some chocolate  nuggets without being real chocolate which my… Continue reading Chocolate bourbon cupcakes

Postcard from Alnmouth

There was nothing Mediterranean about this North Sea beach that day. With a chill wind we still managed ice creams and lolly and more lolly as one ended up upside down in the sand. The boys built a sand castle , decorated it with shells and sea weed, then no sooner it was built did… Continue reading Postcard from Alnmouth

Postcard from our broomstick training at Hogwarts/ Alnwick !

So children and adults alike excitedly stood in a row in front of the Professor and his stooge , ready to be trained in the exact spot Harry Potter learnt to fly his Nimbus 2000. First there was the warm up with stretching, bottom wriggling and posing as if a teapot. I will not post… Continue reading Postcard from our broomstick training at Hogwarts/ Alnwick !

Postcard from Alnwick Castle Gardens

It was all a bit too tempting. Water seemed to be spouting in all directions from the fountains catching people unawares. Paddling depth streams were all a bit too in reach for our boys who left with soggy shoes. It was not a peaceful place with overly excited children getting wet, hiding in hidden corners… Continue reading Postcard from Alnwick Castle Gardens

Crayon chaos

Bored children in the school holidays = parental irritation. You would then think that providing a fun activity should equate to calmness , understanding and feelings of warmth but on this day it equated to sibling arguments, fighting and a screaming parent , me! However the crayons turned out well and are still being enjoyed… Continue reading Crayon chaos