It’s different travelling in your 50s – or 40s.

So some friends of old are travelling overland and by sea from Yorkshire to just south of Sidney. It looks an exciting journey that you might be interested to follow!! Happy reading!

Unwind on the Road

When I last went back-packing – at the age of 26 – I just packed a bag, cleared my room and set off. It’s just not that easy when you’re 55 (or even 44).

The start of the silk road

A week ago now, we still had a house to sell, our belongings to pack up for storage, Anita still had a week of work to do and a health check-up to undergo, and I still had to collect one of our last visas to make the trip possible.

Go back two weeks, and it gets worse: we still had three visas to get; we seemed nowhere near selling our house; Anita’s health was a real worry and her father didn’t seem too good, either.

Things felt so inconclusive that we were even hesitating to tell all our friends and neighbours that our trip would finally go ahead.

And that’s the big difference between travelling in…

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