Final postcard from Northumberland

So we come to the end of our holiday in Northumberland. It seems a lifetime ago now  but holidays always do! 

After Lindisfarne , we popped over to Ford & Etal for a meander. These villages had been enterprising enough to revive their community by considering everything good and developing a tourist trail of 20 attractions. Whilst individually they might not be earth shattering , together they make for a great place to spend a few hours. Sadly there are few snaps as my youngest was in meltdown mode including a 10 minute spot of sitting on a curb refusing to move! Slightly distracting! 

hence snaps of the church at Ford and its views of the Scottish lowlands and the ruins at Etal ( great teashop / village post office with big big slices of cake!) . Also a few snaps of our holiday cottage in Great Tosson and it Peel Tower….sadly the house is on the market so no more holidays but if anyone as a spare £450k…..


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