All about me!

For the risk of seeing this myself as being too self indulgent , I decided you needed to know a bit about me!

I was bought up in a petit family of 3 ; petit in number but also we are not the tallest family in the world .I am 5ft 2 and would like to think one day I may have a growth spurt! I am also in my early 40s so the chances of this is unlikely but you can always hope! I grew up in South Devon so had an idillic childhood of suppers on the beach, stomping on the moors and kicking leaves in forests.

I fled to the other side of the country when 18 to train as an Occupational Therapist in Canterbury and cannot say this period really gastronomically challenged me! Endless tuna pasta bake, spaghetti bolognaise and beans on toast spring to mind as student fodder!

I then moved to London to work mostly in Mental Health where my taste buds were enlighted by patient cooked curried goat with rice and homemade chappatis . At this time I was still working my way through Delia Smith but then bought my own flat and had a big bookcase to fill which is when the cooking book obsession began! So 30 plus books later , I am now looking towards a purchase of Ottolenghi!

About 8 years ago I met my husband who at a mere 6ft5 to my 5ft2 takes a lot of feeding! It is great he hates cooking so I cook and he cleans up the mess , perfect relationship in the kitchen! We now live on the Surrey Hampshire borders with 2 lovely smalls and are surrounded by fantastic gastro pubs to explore when the kids behave!

I recently gave up work as a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant to be a full-time slave to the house and entertainer to the kids. So after the mayhem of daily life , this blog really is the chance for me to sit down at the end of the day , take stock and obsess about the recipes I love to read about and the food I love to eat; as well as ponder on some of the antics and things we like to get up to as a family.

All the photos on this blog are taken with my limited photographic knowledge so don’t look too closely if an expert, however please credit me if reuse:-)

Melanie x




Boring bit…

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