A little bit retro?

Mmmm so I started knitting a cardigan 10 years ago in London. We moved house, moved again and then moved again and the small bundle of unfinished woollen also moved from attic to attic. It was unloved and forgotten until last month something stirred and it was rememembered. It took me 3 hours to finish… Continue reading A little bit retro?

Crayon chaos

Bored children in the school holidays = parental irritation. You would then think that providing a fun activity should equate to calmness , understanding and feelings of warmth but on this day it equated to sibling arguments, fighting and a screaming parent , me! However the crayons turned out well and are still being enjoyed… Continue reading Crayon chaos

From socks to zebras

A very old friend ( in years not age! ) gave me a ‘ sock in a tin’ for Christmas this year So I stitched it in secret for a birthday present for my eldest and subsequently stitched another for a potentially jealous younger brother. I still cannot believe he will be all of six… Continue reading From socks to zebras


I have become a dab hand at making pasta. No mixing, kneading or rolling required. Each large portion 69p . Bargain! Shhhhh! We have bought my 2 year old an Ikea kitchen with light up hob for Christmas…well we hope it is as will be in flat pack hell Christmas Eve! His grandparents have bought… Continue reading Pasta?

Christmas babes in the wood…

Jingle bells jingle bells…we sang as we wore antlers and danced in the woods with our toddlers like some pagan rite. We made reindeer faces from twigs and leaves and found hidden carrots to feed them . We looked for stars in the trees, made snowmen, tree decorations and cards…we did have fun despite the… Continue reading Christmas babes in the wood…

Babes in the wood…

Our local forestry commission at Alice Holt Forest , holds toddler “Babes in the woods ” sessions which we joined today. Once I had coerced my youngest into the snowsuit ( he potentially could be a world wrestling champion!) , we wandered off with the education officer into the woods pretending to be frogs on… Continue reading Babes in the wood…

Autumn wreath

So on Friday morning I dropped one son off at school and another at an ad hoc nursery session for some me time with friends. We had booked ourselves on to an Autumn Wreath making workshop with little or zero experience at all with the lovely Matthew Spriggs of Spriggs in Petworth So down a… Continue reading Autumn wreath