Postcard from Bournemouth

My grandfather lived in a hotel in Bournemouth in the 1970s. It seemed amazing when I was 6 years old and meant many weekends and holidays spent on its golden sands doing beachy things…donkeys, trampolines, ice cream and ┬ásandcastle building. So we left home early yesterday and 1 3/4 hours later we were putting the… Continue reading Postcard from Bournemouth

Lucy’s friendly caramel marble cake

I cannot tell you how much Lucy’s blog saves the day on many occasions! ┬áJust to beable to give my wee one an allergy free treat is a wondrous thing . Like Lucy I had been eyeing up the caramel essence ( mine is a Dr Oetkar limited addition – panic buying will follow) when… Continue reading Lucy’s friendly caramel marble cake

Langue du chat…sort of !

We had my wee ones repeat allergy blood tests this week .Fingers , toes and everything crossed that his levels are coming down .He is also being tested against cocoa as came up in hives the last time he ate it. Miserable. I am desperate for him to beable to tolerate dairy and egg but… Continue reading Langue du chat…sort of !

All a bit fruity

So who needs eggs and dairy when you can have a boiled fruitcake, moist and dense with fruit? I am still trying to convince my egg/ dairy free 2 year old of the merits of dried fruit and I would like to say he gobbled this up but….oh well my husband and eldest consumed big… Continue reading All a bit fruity

Raspberry trifle cupcakes

Hello!!!! I’m back ! Not been blogging as have been obsessively sewing with my new machine . The old one died and my lovely husband and In laws bought me a new all singing all dancing computerised sewing machine for my birthday. Woohoo! Any way I have had a break from it today and thought… Continue reading Raspberry trifle cupcakes

Reindeer…sort of

Ok so you might need to use the imagination a bit but I think they look like reindeer despite my 5 year old saying they are upside down gingerbread men. Regardless they taste Christmassy and moreish! I used this Delia Smith recipe…. 75g light brown soft sugar 2 tablespoons golden syrup 1 tablespoon black treacle… Continue reading Reindeer…sort of

Viennese biscuits

I have a friend coming over on Saturday morning from London and as I have not seen her in ages , beated and piped these morsels for her but also my allergic son so that he does not feel left out by goodies! They would be nice sandwiched together with dairy free buttercream and a… Continue reading Viennese biscuits