Postcard from Basildon Park gardens

The sun was shining and we needed an outing. The picnic was packed and after an hours drive ,we finally plonked ourselves in some deck chairs to eat whlist the kids ran around like mad things . Basildon Park and its 400 acres of trails and gardens landscaped in 1776 certainly withstood 2 energetic boisterous… Continue reading Postcard from Basildon Park gardens

Postcard from Alnwick Castle or Hogwarts

    Alnwick Castle is the seat and still the home of the Duke of Northumberland and is the 2nd largest inhabited castle in Britain. Most of us would know it as Hogwarts from Harry potter films and indeed you can learn to fly a broom stick but more of that another day! As well… Continue reading Postcard from Alnwick Castle or Hogwarts

Weekly photo challenge: from lines to patterns

Until you look you do not realise that there are lines and their patterns everywhere. Here is a selection from my albums. The pomegranate is a particular favourite now long gone although the splatter marks it made on my clothes will be around forever!

A family picnic at the Palace

It has been such fantastic weather this school holiday and not to miss out , we headed out for a picnic again. I think it Is about our 10th day of picnicking in succession! So picnic packed, children packed and husband bundled into the car, we turned the engine on and we realised we had… Continue reading A family picnic at the Palace

Postcards from Petworth

What do you you with a boy who is hyped up after a morning party? Take him off for a run around at Petworth Park , its woods , pleasure grounds and a brief ( very brief) tour of the art work in the house including the magnificant painted ceiling above the stairs.

Postcard from Laugharne Castle

Perched within its 13th centuary walls, Laugharne Castle’s summerhouse offered Dylan Thomas a perfect view of the estuary to cure any writers’ block. For us it just offered a perfect peaceful space and a place for the kids to explore, wonder and use their imagination. Related articles Welsh History Month: Laugharne Castle’s barn owls (