Wordless Wednesday


Postcard from Basildon Park gardens

The sun was shining and we needed an outing. The picnic was packed and after an hours drive ,we finally plonked ourselves in some deck chairs to eat whlist the kids ran around like mad things . Basildon Park and its 400 acres of trails and gardens landscaped in 1776 certainly withstood 2 energetic boisterous… Continue reading Postcard from Basildon Park gardens

Babes in the wood…

Our local forestry commission at Alice Holt Forest , holds toddler “Babes in the woods ” sessions which we joined today. Once I had coerced my youngest into the snowsuit ( he potentially could be a world wrestling champion!) , we wandered off with the education officer into the woods pretending to be frogs on… Continue reading Babes in the wood…

And breathe…….

We all have days and weeks when we are running around like headless chickens. Mine seems to have started yesterday with school/ nursery runs, lunch meetings, weekly shopping, doctors appointments and collapse. The rest of the week looks similar so the need to take stock and breathe and remember this beautiful curvy landscape from this… Continue reading And breathe…….

Autumn memories

In autumn down the beechwood path. The leaves lie thick upon the ground. It’s there I love to kick my way. And hear their crisp and crashing sound. I am a giant,and my steps Echo and thunder to the sky. How the small creatures of the woods Must quake and cower as I pass by!… Continue reading Autumn memories

Autumn wreath

So on Friday morning I dropped one son off at school and another at an ad hoc nursery session for some me time with friends. We had booked ourselves on to an Autumn Wreath making workshop with little or zero experience at all with the lovely Matthew Spriggs of Spriggs in Petworth So down a… Continue reading Autumn wreath