Honey sweet apricot focaccia

We last had this as travel fodder on route to Northumberland from Surrey . It was great travel food for breakfast but  the less scenic surroundings of The Watford gap service station car park slightly lessened the experience! I also make it as an alternative to cake for my youngest who misses out in cafés… Continue reading Honey sweet apricot focaccia

Mary Berry’s chocolate celebration cake

Throughout the year my husband tells us that his birthday is the most important day of the year. Unfortunately for him, work did not remember this fact and sent him on a plane to Chicago to pitch for new business. So off he flew having had 30 minutes of birthday at home . So on… Continue reading Mary Berry’s chocolate celebration cake

Chocolate bourbon cupcakes

I must admit these were a bribe for my eldest to tidy and my youngest to do his speech therapy exercises! It was also an experiment in what happens to tesco bourbon which are dairy/ egg free , when chopped up in cake batter. It gave some chocolate  nuggets without being real chocolate which my… Continue reading Chocolate bourbon cupcakes

Lucy’s friendly caramel marble cake

I cannot tell you how much Lucy’s blog saves the day on many occasions!  Just to beable to give my wee one an allergy free treat is a wondrous thing . Like Lucy I had been eyeing up the caramel essence ( mine is a Dr Oetkar limited addition – panic buying will follow) when… Continue reading Lucy’s friendly caramel marble cake

Sticky cinnamon buns

Sweet, sticky, cinnamon, doughy, soft, crispy and more. Satisfying, filling, naughty, warming, comforting and more. These are good. SOoooooo GoooooD! Dough: 500g white bread flour 10 g salt 10g quick yeast ( I use Doves) 25g caster sugar 300 ml warm oat milk or equivalent 85 g Pure dairy free spread or equivalent Filling: 80g… Continue reading Sticky cinnamon buns

Langue du chat…sort of !

We had my wee ones repeat allergy blood tests this week .Fingers , toes and everything crossed that his levels are coming down .He is also being tested against cocoa as came up in hives the last time he ate it. Miserable. I am desperate for him to beable to tolerate dairy and egg but… Continue reading Langue du chat…sort of !

Raisin and cinnamon loaf

Summary : coughs, colds, temperatures, Easter  holidays, Devon, Sea, mini trains, family, coughs, colds, temperatures, EXHAUSTION!!!!!! Now: cake!!!!!!!! Eat me eat me eat me it says! Hummingbird bakery cinnamon and raisin loaf 190g unsalted butter 190g caster sugar 3 eggs 190g plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp salt 25ml soured cream ( I… Continue reading Raisin and cinnamon loaf