Mary Berry’s chocolate celebration cake

Throughout the year my husband tells us that his birthday is the most important day of the year. Unfortunately for him, work did not remember this fact and sent him on a plane to Chicago to pitch for new business. So off he flew having had 30 minutes of birthday at home . So on… Continue reading Mary Berry’s chocolate celebration cake

When I was one,I had just begun…..

A year has now passed since my blog begun! Whoosh in a flash! It is not until you look back  at 186 posts that you realise life isn’t boring but filled with rich family moments.But enough of sentimentality ! I still cannot quite believe that 232 people are following . Yes it might not be… Continue reading When I was one,I had just begun…..

Light and airy birthday cake

So my husband turns 40 today or 18 with 22 years experience as his card announces! You need a decent cake don’t you and as we are off out tonight with friends I opted for something light but decadent! Try airy angel food cake layered with a raspberry mascarpone cream and covered in fondant icing. 8… Continue reading Light and airy birthday cake

My birthday in pictures

“It is not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln It’s my birthday and have been utterly touched by friends who have made a delicious coffee and walnut cake, given me flowers, given me baking books and equipment and have generally been lovely today. My family have… Continue reading My birthday in pictures