Langue du chat…sort of !

We had my wee ones repeat allergy blood tests this week .Fingers , toes and everything crossed that his levels are coming down .He is also being tested against cocoa as came up in hives the last time he ate it. Miserable. I am desperate for him to beable to tolerate dairy and egg but… Continue reading Langue du chat…sort of !

Scottish oat biscuits

I often just have cheese and a few crackers for lunch . Today I made some oat biscuits with the copious amount of oat meal I have in the cupboard for some reason . I found this recipe in the Guardian ( was a bit sceptical but was proved wrong! Quick and easy to make… Continue reading Scottish oat biscuits

Reindeer…sort of

Ok so you might need to use the imagination a bit but I think they look like reindeer despite my 5 year old saying they are upside down gingerbread men. Regardless they taste Christmassy and moreish! I used this Delia Smith recipe…. 75g light brown soft sugar 2 tablespoons golden syrup 1 tablespoon black treacle… Continue reading Reindeer…sort of

Morrocan date shortbread

Whlist the youngest snoozed on the sofa and his brother was lost in lego land adventures in his room, I grabbed the opportunity to bake which seems a rare moment this school holiday. My mother in law gave me this recipe using date but I slightly tweaked it and felt it was the flavours of… Continue reading Morrocan date shortbread

Good old digestive biscuit

My youngest started at nursery a day a week which is great fun for the chef trying to cater for his and others allergies so that the kids do not feel different. Having given her some egg and dairy free recipes that do not taste awful, here is the next to wind its way to… Continue reading Good old digestive biscuit