Nameless cake bars….

I fancied a spot of experimental baking this morning with some gluten free flour . I have been gluten free for over 2 years now having completed the FODMAP diet through an NHS dietician. It’s not  that I cannot have gluten  but it is gluten’s evil sibling fructan in cereals that gets me with dagger… Continue reading Nameless cake bars….

Mary Berry’s chocolate celebration cake

Throughout the year my husband tells us that his birthday is the most important day of the year. Unfortunately for him, work did not remember this fact and sent him on a plane to Chicago to pitch for new business. So off he flew having had 30 minutes of birthday at home . So on… Continue reading Mary Berry’s chocolate celebration cake

Lucy’s friendly caramel marble cake

I cannot tell you how much Lucy’s blog saves the day on many occasions! ¬†Just to beable to give my wee one an allergy free treat is a wondrous thing . Like Lucy I had been eyeing up the caramel essence ( mine is a Dr Oetkar limited addition – panic buying will follow) when… Continue reading Lucy’s friendly caramel marble cake

Raisin and cinnamon loaf

Summary : coughs, colds, temperatures, Easter ¬†holidays, Devon, Sea, mini trains, family, coughs, colds, temperatures, EXHAUSTION!!!!!! Now: cake!!!!!!!! Eat me eat me eat me it says! Hummingbird bakery cinnamon and raisin loaf 190g unsalted butter 190g caster sugar 3 eggs 190g plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp salt 25ml soured cream ( I… Continue reading Raisin and cinnamon loaf

All a bit fruity

So who needs eggs and dairy when you can have a boiled fruitcake, moist and dense with fruit? I am still trying to convince my egg/ dairy free 2 year old of the merits of dried fruit and I would like to say he gobbled this up but….oh well my husband and eldest consumed big… Continue reading All a bit fruity

Raspberry trifle cupcakes

Hello!!!! I’m back ! Not been blogging as have been obsessively sewing with my new machine . The old one died and my lovely husband and In laws bought me a new all singing all dancing computerised sewing machine for my birthday. Woohoo! Any way I have had a break from it today and thought… Continue reading Raspberry trifle cupcakes

Rich dark date and ginger flapjacks

So I started out making some apple and cinnamon flapjacks with my youngest to find my eldest , being my husband , had eaten the apples! With the promise of cake we ventured into the unknown. A scrabble through the cupboard sprung dates. Well I make date and ginger loaf so why not flapjacks My… Continue reading Rich dark date and ginger flapjacks