Final postcard from Northumberland

So we come to the end of our holiday in Northumberland. It seems a lifetime ago now  but holidays always do!  After Lindisfarne , we popped over to Ford & Etal for a meander. These villages had been enterprising enough to revive their community by considering everything good and developing a tourist trail of 20… Continue reading Final postcard from Northumberland

Postcard from Lindisfarne Castle

This has to be my favourite place and view. The climb into the 16th century romantic castle up the slippery cobbles was a little nerve racking with a toddler mainly due to the seeming lack of fencing his height ( bit of a surprise for a national trust property!) . We all loved it inside.… Continue reading Postcard from Lindisfarne Castle

Postcard from Alnwick Castle or Hogwarts

    Alnwick Castle is the seat and still the home of the Duke of Northumberland and is the 2nd largest inhabited castle in Britain. Most of us would know it as Hogwarts from Harry potter films and indeed you can learn to fly a broom stick but more of that another day! As well… Continue reading Postcard from Alnwick Castle or Hogwarts

Postcards from Arundel

A lovely day of sunny weather, picnicking with a view, wandering the old streets of the town , looking at pretty doorways and listening to our whinging 5 year old as we did not go in the castle today. Long 45 minute drive back home! Related articles England Adventure: Arundel Castle (

Postcard from Laugharne Castle

Perched within its 13th centuary walls, Laugharne Castle’s summerhouse offered Dylan Thomas a perfect view of the estuary to cure any writers’ block. For us it just offered a perfect peaceful space and a place for the kids to explore, wonder and use their imagination. Related articles Welsh History Month: Laugharne Castle’s barn owls (