Wordless Wednesday



Weekly photo challenge :”eerie” Muncaster

With the reputation of being Britain’s most haunted buildings, this was a must visit for any aspiring 5 year old ghost hunter on our summer holiday this year. Reportedly in the building there are ghostly footsteps; doors opening and closing of their own accord; door handles turning; babies wailing; children singing; black shadowy figures; the… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge :”eerie” Muncaster

Postcards from Hawkshead

Our holiday now feels a lifetime ago and was looking through the pictures and came across the pretty village of Hawkshead which I had failed to post. I was particularly drawn to the door with signage “Bend or Bump” as would be particularly apt in my husband’s case at his statuesque 6ft 5″ !

Postcards from the Kirkstone Pass

It was a day like today that I really miss hill walking. With a 1 year old in tow , the boots are gathering dust as our walks tend to be walk a meter and “look at that interesting stone on the ground”, walk another meter and ” hey what is down that drain ”… Continue reading Postcards from the Kirkstone Pass

Postcards from Wordsworth’s School, Hawkshead

My son is now grateful his school is not of Wordsworth’s day…school hours 6:00am to 5:00pm;pupils must drink 3 pints of weak beer a day; the cane for misbehaviour and 7 year olds able to smoke a pipe at break!