Father’s Day Dot balls

It was never going to be my husband’s first choice for a Father’s Day to sit and watch cricket for 3 hours on a Sunday morning  , but when it comes to my eldest ,his passion for the crease always wins my husband’s vote. So for the 4th Sunday in a row we sat beside… Continue reading Father’s Day Dot balls

Oliver’s Army

Whilst my neighbours and friends have had attempted shed , garage and car thefts at night , 5 to date in the last week, my youngest had tasked himself this evening with protecting our home with his brother Oliver’s army . Elvis Costello’s lyrics sprung to mind  “Oliver’s army is here to stay   Oliver’s… Continue reading Oliver’s Army

Postcard from Sir Harold Hiller Gardens

I know we seem to go to a lot of gardens but with two very energetic boys it is the only place they can really let off steam. This for us was a new garden to explore with plenty of bugs under logs, wobbly bridges, bamboo tunnels, rope swings and a tree house. Oh and… Continue reading Postcard from Sir Harold Hiller Gardens

Postcard from Bournemouth

My grandfather lived in a hotel in Bournemouth in the 1970s. It seemed amazing when I was 6 years old and meant many weekends and holidays spent on its golden sands doing beachy things…donkeys, trampolines, ice cream and ┬ásandcastle building. So we left home early yesterday and 1 3/4 hours later we were putting the… Continue reading Postcard from Bournemouth