That university pasta dish revisited!

I am meeting with a university friend today for a catch up and in honour of those days long passed , we revisited that infamous student staple of tuna pasta for supper last night. Certainly when I was a student in Canterbury ¬†shockingly 25 years ago, ¬†the tuna pasta supper was not clearly as refined… Continue reading That university pasta dish revisited!

Postcards from Beer, East Devon

We popped down to Beer this afternoon to clear the lungs, look in some art galleries and throw pebbles in the sea.It is a traditional Devon working fishing village where the mackeral , crab and lobster fishing fleet are winched up onto the shingle beach every night as seen in the photos. Its sheltered isolated… Continue reading Postcards from Beer, East Devon

Samphire and Skate

English: Northern edge of Morston Salt Marsh Looking across the mouth of Morston Creek, into Blakeney Harbour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] I have only in recent years discovered samphire which grows natively in the UK around our estuarys. I like its succulent texture , saltiness and slightly asparagus taste. Luckily our local fishmonger is my source… Continue reading Samphire and Skate

Beetroot and Smoked Salmon marriage

I have developed an aversion to the bog standard sandwich. Yes I love those calorie packed “pret a manger ” goodies but the fact I live in a small rural market town which still quite rightly clings to its independent shops, means there is not one in sight for 20 miles. I am bored of… Continue reading Beetroot and Smoked Salmon marriage

Recipes at Littlehampton beach

Who would have thought that you would go for a walk along the quay in Littlehampton and come across waymarkers with fish recipes enscribed on their surface! Had me salivating and will one day cook the recipes snapped in the photos below. These waymarkers and the explosion of award winning architecture on its beach front… Continue reading Recipes at Littlehampton beach

Shhh don’t tell my husband but this is what I had for lunch!

We all have a guilty secret indulgence , don’t we? Well mine happens to be of the king prawn variety from our local fishmonger! Sadly the fishmonger is a rarity on the high street these days with supermarkets taking over with pre packed fish. I grew up in Exeter , Devon ,which is about 15… Continue reading Shhh don’t tell my husband but this is what I had for lunch!