Wordless Wednesday



Postcards from the Great Glasshouse

Rising out of the ground , and looking not too disimilar to the preschoolers teletubby home, is the great glasshouse at the National Botatinical Gardens of Wales. Here are a few snaps of its plants in the dry heat.

Saturday fun

He looked taller on the television and slightly strained at the prospect of signing 1000+children’s ┬ácards and answering their questions. My eldest painted a pot and potted some dill with him , then asked “how do you make a beanstalk grow as big as the giant’s?” . Poor man had probably been asked that by… Continue reading Saturday fun

A bit of colour on a wet day….

Not to be deterred by the rain, wellies and waterproofs on, we headed to Wisley RHS to burn some of our 5 year old boy’s energy off. There was a stark contrast between the cold and wet of the gardens with some daffodils and the welcomed humidity and vibrancy of the glasshouse. Back home to… Continue reading A bit of colour on a wet day….