Exploding artichokes

It is the last crop from last season and has been lying in wait for a sunny day to dig up its knobbly treasure. Well it was quite unexpected what was lurking underneath ! Kilograms and kilograms of artichokes, exploding from everywhere! Well I gave away 5 bags to friends and still have enough for… Continue reading Exploding artichokes

Autumn treasures

It has been a funny couple of weeks .First there was the frantic preparation for a children’s sale ( selling their clothes etc not our children!) , the aftermath of the sale and sorting what to keep and what to donate to charity. Then my now 2 year deciding he can do nothing at home… Continue reading Autumn treasures

Our roasted heritage carrots

Having been inspired in April by this recipe in Silvia Colloca’s blog Silvia’s Cucina, my 5 year old excitedly helped me plant some purple heritage carrot seeds in our raised beds. We have watered them, crossed our fingers that they would not be attacked by carrot fly and both protected them from a rampaging 1… Continue reading Our roasted heritage carrots

The garden of earthly delights

The vegetable garden has gone mad in this heat. It really seems to be liking the 30 degree temperatures unlike it’s carers who are now looking forward to a good thunder storm to clear the air! We have been blessed with 5 cauliflower so loads of cauliflower cheese with bacon and pasta. We have had… Continue reading The garden of earthly delights