100 Happy Days

I came across this challenge in Domestkated’s blog (http://domestikated.wordpress.com) and it clicked with me . If you want to participate you need to think about something different each day that makes you happy and snap a shot of it. Don’t panic I am not going to fill up this blog with random shots but might… Continue reading 100 Happy Days

Ben’s big “NO” !

So nearly 2 weeks have gone by in grommet land for  our wee not so small boy. Before as a result of glue ear, he  could not hear consonants, could not hear  me shouting stop if behind and would read my lips for understanding it appears. He got by with a mixture of pointing ,… Continue reading Ben’s big “NO” !

No more milk thank you.

It has been such a learning curve the last 6 weeks. Now those of you who have swung by this blog will have possibly noticed my passion for cooking. I have never been one to be concerned about ingredients other than from a calorie point of view, however I have now been flung into unknown… Continue reading No more milk thank you.