And blow she did!!!!!

The sound of ridge tiles being ripped from the roof was something else. I was just below the affected roof at the time and was shaking from the horrendous noise a full half hour afters! I think we got off lightly although our neighbour’s front door looks like it has been in a war zone… Continue reading And blow she did!!!!!

His ” Chocolate Ginger Digestives” tiffin

Can you tell I have a new cook book? I could not resist Hugh Fernley Whittingstall’s “Three Good Things” and as my poor husband has been dragged into the office on a Saturday morning with some colleagues , I made them some of his Tiffin. I have always been a bit partial to it since… Continue reading His ” Chocolate Ginger Digestives” tiffin

Beetroot tarte tatin

We seem to have eaten way too much meat so a vegetable based meal was called for last Friday. I have been eyeing up a beetroot tarte tatin for about a year now but just did not have the guts to have a whirl until now. I have to say it was ever so easy… Continue reading Beetroot tarte tatin

Bloomin’ marvelous!

I have friends for lunch today and on the menu is Chestnut soup with homemade wholemeal bloomer . The soup is a standard in our home at this time of year using Merchant Gourmet whole chestnuts . I use Hugh Fernley Whittingstall’s recipe for chestnut and sage soup. It is to quote the man himself… Continue reading Bloomin’ marvelous!