And blow she did!!!!!

The sound of ridge tiles being ripped from the roof was something else. I was just below the affected roof at the time and was shaking from the horrendous noise a full half hour afters! I think we got off lightly although our neighbour’s front door looks like it has been in a war zone… Continue reading And blow she did!!!!!

My neighbours’ fig tree

My lovely neighbour has a fig tree growing over her garden fence with some delicious fruits which she shared on a swap with french beans from our garden. (Jen if you are reading this from Dubai your fig tree is good bounty this year and you are missing out!) Having consumed one fresh yesterday, I… Continue reading My neighbours’ fig tree

Snail’s pace

It has been a slow slow week. My lovely children gave me hand foot and mouth so probably should have called the vet ! Not pleasant but I have a lovely husband who has enforced a relaxation rule and keeps sending me back to bed. He has even cooked and not poisoned us which is… Continue reading Snail’s pace

Sunday’s italian pot roast beef, Monday’s rustic pasta.

Bored with roast beef and yorkshire puds, I decided to venture into the memory banks and retrieve a pot roasted beef that I made in a small hotel kitchen in Tuscany with the chef. I was on a walking holiday in my late 20s for which we walked during the day and then had the… Continue reading Sunday’s italian pot roast beef, Monday’s rustic pasta.

Easter Egg French Toast

My son had way too much chocolate for Easter and we are now exploring other ways to rid this house of the load! Breakfast treat today was chocolate eggy bread which involved some egg bashing first thing. We honestly have very boring breakfasts involving porridge most of the time so this really was a treat.… Continue reading Easter Egg French Toast

Left over chicken

Leftover chicken often provides a challenge to come up with something which is not curry nor just chicken and pickles. There is nothing wrong with these delicious meals but sometimes you just need something a bit different! We had a roast on Sunday, and after searching through all my cookbooks and delving into the larder/… Continue reading Left over chicken

A very English stirfry.

Ok so this really is the last of the christmas veg and duck from new year. Normal eatting can resume. So why go to the shops for bean-sprouts and pak choi, when our own veg can be turned into tasty stir fry. Ok parsnips and brussels may not be your first port of call but… Continue reading A very English stirfry.