Samphire and Skate

English: Northern edge of Morston Salt Marsh Looking across the mouth of Morston Creek, into Blakeney Harbour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] I have only in recent years discovered samphire which grows natively in the UK around our estuarys. I like its succulent texture , saltiness and slightly asparagus taste. Luckily our local fishmonger is my source… Continue reading Samphire and Skate

Left over chicken

Leftover chicken often provides a challenge to come up with something which is not curry nor just chicken and pickles. There is nothing wrong with these delicious meals but sometimes you just need something a bit different! We had a roast on Sunday, and after searching through all my cookbooks and delving into the larder/… Continue reading Left over chicken

1970s, Fanny Craddock and my Mum

Monday- What’s for tea Mum? Paprika Lamb Tuesday -Whats for tea Mum? Paprika Lamb Wednesday – What’s for tea Mum? Paprika Lamb Thursday ……… Long before Masterchef took hold of this country , another competition was doing the rounds called ‘Cook of the Realm’. In 1976 it ended Fanny Craddock’s career in a showdown between… Continue reading 1970s, Fanny Craddock and my Mum

2013 Hello ducky!

Fresh air, lovely family , friends and good food what more could you want to start off 2013? With the sun shining we headed down to Southsea prom for some sea air and hot chocolate . Chilly was a slight understatement as the wind was cutting but certainly felt like 2012 was blown away! In… Continue reading 2013 Hello ducky!

Bubble and Squeak

An early new year’s resolution…BUY LESS FOOD AT CHRISTMAS !!!! We are awash with leftovers, bulging at the seams with chocolate and a packet of Heston’s salted caramel popcorn is screaming at me to be opened! So in the spirit of economy I feel the need to use the leftovers of Christmas eve and day… Continue reading Bubble and Squeak