Simply pear and chocolate crumble…..

So there was no surprise on the telly the other night ,in Fat v Sugar ,that 2 doctors told us that it is the 50:50 fat and sugar ratio that make things taste so heavenly! So here is a 50:50 pud that will put pounds on the hips but a smile on your face !… Continue reading Simply pear and chocolate crumble…..

An apple a day….

Poached apples with chantilly cream. What more could you want on a sunny day? This is so simple and yet the flavours with the cream are divine. Who needs big gateaux, sticky puddings or rich tarts ,when a bowl of juicy apples and syrup does the trick! Nigel Slater does it again with uncomplicated style.… Continue reading An apple a day….

It is the simple things in life…

We are all in the habit of making our lives far too complex and stressful. Our family are the worst offenders at having an itinerary for every moment of our precious weekends rather than just enjoying what we have, slowing down and staying put. Today was a day for simplicity with the sun making an… Continue reading It is the simple things in life…

Hot and spicy pork broth for a cold

Move over Paul Hollywood, Nigel Slater is back in command in the kitchen! We had Nigel’s roast pork , slow roasted with star anise , ginger and stock for Sunday lunch.MWAHHHHHH! Seriously good smell in the house apparently which because of being bunged up with cold I was unable to appreciate. Nigel suggested using the… Continue reading Hot and spicy pork broth for a cold

2013 Hello ducky!

Fresh air, lovely family , friends and good food what more could you want to start off 2013? With the sun shining we headed down to Southsea prom for some sea air and hot chocolate . Chilly was a slight understatement as the wind was cutting but certainly felt like 2012 was blown away! In… Continue reading 2013 Hello ducky!