If only you could smell this!

Warm vanilla and rosemary notes scent the air as this comes out the oven! Delicious! Now I love rosemary. There is a house we walk by with a rosemary hedge at the front and I will confess I will often pull a bit off to rub and smell in my hands.I have even caught my… Continue reading If only you could smell this!

My heaven in a breakfast

Sunday breakfast calls out for leisurely indulgence and a shift away from the rushed weetabix and toast of the weekday.It is probably the only time baking in pyjamas also feels acceptable ! This morning’s family treat was Date and Orange muffins followed with melon, stem ginger and yoghurt. A light breakfast as we are off… Continue reading My heaven in a breakfast

Oh so naughty but nice chocolate cake!!

Now we all have a view on Nigella.It is a bit like marmite , you either love her or hate her! Personally I love her recipe books and was given ” How to be a domestic goddess” as part of a leaving present from work recently. It has been exciting to be at home full… Continue reading Oh so naughty but nice chocolate cake!!