Really? Pancakes with no eggs?

So I posted a recipe for eggless and dairy free pancakes last year. They were good but left the slight ┬átartness of bicarbonate powder lingering on the tongue. These do not and if you did not know ,would think they were the traditional batter recipe. Makes 4 pancakes 4oz self raising flour 1 teaspoon caster… Continue reading Really? Pancakes with no eggs?

Eggless and dairy free pancakes

Yeah! I did not think it could be done but we are eating pancakes without egg and dairy for breakfast with my allergy toddler! They have exactly same taste and texture as my usual breakfast pancakes. They do need the sugar in the mix to counteract the taste of baking powder. The next time I… Continue reading Eggless and dairy free pancakes

Keeping us together….

I like to think we are a fairly normal family of good values and a healthy view on life, but there is one aspect we struggle on….eating together. It feels like it is just the preserve of weekends and holidays which given the amount of press on ” the family that eats together stays together”… Continue reading Keeping us together….