Wordless Wednesday



Crayon chaos

Bored children in the school holidays = parental irritation. You would then think that providing a fun activity should equate to calmness , understanding and feelings of warmth but on this day it equated to sibling arguments, fighting and a screaming parent , me! However the crayons turned out well and are still being enjoyed… Continue reading Crayon chaos

A ‘family’ took a stroll through a deep dark wood….

I suspect that every parent of young children is able to recite the words of the Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson without too much difficulty. So yesterday we took a stroll through the deep dark woods of Alice holt looking for mouse, fox, snake , owl and of course the Gruffalo. We found all but owl… Continue reading A ‘family’ took a stroll through a deep dark wood….

DIY Angry birds

Well it’s has been a funny few weeks. In summary appendicitis ( most amusing!), waiting 18 1/2 hours for surgery ( such fun!) then parents to stay ( godsend) and finally back to normal. Well near enough as the longer school holidays have begun and now have too hot children in 30c to occupy. Today’s… Continue reading DIY Angry birds

Picture perfect?

So it went missing yesterday late afternoon. I searched high and low, scratched my head for a good half hour then mysteriously it reappeared . The ipad has always been a source of amusement for the kids but is now mostly hidden from sight by me as the rows it causes between a 2 and… Continue reading Picture perfect?

Weekly photo challenge: on the move…..

It is my children who are constantly on the move. It never ceases to amaze me where on earth they get all their energy from. I would be happy to have a tiny bit of it particularly at 6am when the movement in our house starts! When I look at family snaps one of the… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: on the move…..

World Book Day

Oh the house was charged with excitement this morning! My eldest got dressed so quick for school today; was up and ready to go at 6:30am ( I was less ready for action at that point!). It is World Book Day that celebrates reading in schools across the Uk. Children get to dress up as… Continue reading World Book Day