I have become a dab hand at making pasta. No mixing, kneading or rolling required. Each large portion 69p . Bargain! Shhhhh! We have bought my 2 year old an Ikea kitchen with light up hob for Christmas…well we hope it is as will be in flat pack hell Christmas Eve! His grandparents have bought… Continue reading Pasta?

“The future’s bright…the future’s orange!”

  What a week! It has been the week of being pushed to the limits by the under fives of the household  who have shown teenage rebellion ( the 5 year old) and opportunistic with risk taking behaviours ( the 21 month old). I can smile at the antics of my 21 month old though.… Continue reading “The future’s bright…the future’s orange!”

Store cupboard chestnut and bacon pasta

What to cook? A day of rushing around, feeding the kids and had forgotten that we need something to eat too! Mmmmm packet of chestnuts, bacon ……ahh pasta dish!It is meant to be Spring but someone failed to switch the heat on out there and it feels like we have bypassed summer altogether in favour… Continue reading Store cupboard chestnut and bacon pasta

That university pasta dish revisited!

I am meeting with a university friend today for a catch up and in honour of those days long passed , we revisited that infamous student staple of tuna pasta for supper last night. Certainly when I was a student in Canterbury  shockingly 25 years ago,  the tuna pasta supper was not clearly as refined… Continue reading That university pasta dish revisited!