His apricot, earl grey tea and mascapone

This is my all time favourite pudding. Yep no chocolate, little sugar and nothing fancy. Just as Hugh Fernley Whittingstall  suggests: apricots soaked in earl grey tea  with a dollop of sweetened marscapone. Sometimes it’s just the simple things…. Original recipe can be found here: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2012/sep/07/apricots-tea-mascarpone-recipe-whittingstall Serves 6 250g organic dried apricots, halved 500ml hot, strong… Continue reading His apricot, earl grey tea and mascapone

Simply pear and chocolate crumble…..

So there was no surprise on the telly the other night ,in Fat v Sugar ,that 2 doctors told us that it is the 50:50 fat and sugar ratio that make things taste so heavenly! So here is a 50:50 pud that will put pounds on the hips but a smile on your face !… Continue reading Simply pear and chocolate crumble…..

Apple & syrup steamed pudding ( dairy & egg free)

As a child I particularly remember my Nana’s puddings. I would be excited to hear rattling steaming saucepans when we arrived on a visit , which for me meant one thing; sticky, golden syrupy pudding. My Mum never made them so really was a treat. Having a son with a dairy egg allergy amongst other… Continue reading Apple & syrup steamed pudding ( dairy & egg free)

My neighbours’ fig tree

My lovely neighbour has a fig tree growing over her garden fence with some delicious fruits which she shared on a swap with french beans from our garden. (Jen if you are reading this from Dubai your fig tree is good bounty this year and you are missing out!) Having consumed one fresh yesterday, I… Continue reading My neighbours’ fig tree

An apple a day….

Poached apples with chantilly cream. What more could you want on a sunny day? This is so simple and yet the flavours with the cream are divine. Who needs big gateaux, sticky puddings or rich tarts ,when a bowl of juicy apples and syrup does the trick! Nigel Slater does it again with uncomplicated style.… Continue reading An apple a day….

No more milk thank you.

It has been such a learning curve the last 6 weeks. Now those of you who have swung by this blog will have possibly noticed my passion for cooking. I have never been one to be concerned about ingredients other than from a calorie point of view, however I have now been flung into unknown… Continue reading No more milk thank you.

Decadent Spiced Chocolate Cake and Bubbles

I have been eyeing up the Nigella’s spiced chocolate cake in the freezer that was made but not used for Christmas for some weeks now. Finally an excuse to sink my teeth in and enjoy its chocolatety richness and dense fudginess…my mother in laws birthday! It gingerly balanced on my husband’s lap as we drove… Continue reading Decadent Spiced Chocolate Cake and Bubbles