His apricot, earl grey tea and mascapone

This is my all time favourite pudding. Yep no chocolate, little sugar and nothing fancy. Just as Hugh Fernley Whittingstall  suggests: apricots soaked in earl grey tea  with a dollop of sweetened marscapone. Sometimes it’s just the simple things…. Original recipe can be found here: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2012/sep/07/apricots-tea-mascarpone-recipe-whittingstall Serves 6 250g organic dried apricots, halved 500ml hot, strong… Continue reading His apricot, earl grey tea and mascapone

All a bit fruity

So who needs eggs and dairy when you can have a boiled fruitcake, moist and dense with fruit? I am still trying to convince my egg/ dairy free 2 year old of the merits of dried fruit and I would like to say he gobbled this up but….oh well my husband and eldest consumed big… Continue reading All a bit fruity

Raspberry trifle cupcakes

Hello!!!! I’m back ! Not been blogging as have been obsessively sewing with my new machine . The old one died and my lovely husband and In laws bought me a new all singing all dancing computerised sewing machine for my birthday. Woohoo! Any way I have had a break from it today and thought… Continue reading Raspberry trifle cupcakes

Exploding artichokes

It is the last crop from last season and has been lying in wait for a sunny day to dig up its knobbly treasure. Well it was quite unexpected what was lurking underneath ! Kilograms and kilograms of artichokes, exploding from everywhere! Well I gave away 5 bags to friends and still have enough for… Continue reading Exploding artichokes

Rich dark date and ginger flapjacks

So I started out making some apple and cinnamon flapjacks with my youngest to find my eldest , being my husband , had eaten the apples! With the promise of cake we ventured into the unknown. A scrabble through the cupboard sprung dates. Well I make date and ginger loaf so why not flapjacks My… Continue reading Rich dark date and ginger flapjacks

Really? Pancakes with no eggs?

So I posted a recipe for eggless and dairy free pancakes last year. They were good but left the slight  tartness of bicarbonate powder lingering on the tongue. These do not and if you did not know ,would think they were the traditional batter recipe. Makes 4 pancakes 4oz self raising flour 1 teaspoon caster… Continue reading Really? Pancakes with no eggs?

Turkish delight porridge

The kids are at school and nursery. Time for an indulgent breakfast in an unusually quiet house with nothing more than the bowl and last nights episode of  “Call the midwife”. 30g porridge oats 150 ml koko or other milk 3 cardamon pods, slightly split 3 dried chopped apricots 1 plum, chopped 1 mere drop… Continue reading Turkish delight porridge