Father’s Day Dot balls

It was never going to be my husband’s first choice for a Father’s Day to sit and watch cricket for 3 hours on a Sunday morning  , but when it comes to my eldest ,his passion for the crease always wins my husband’s vote. So for the 4th Sunday in a row we sat beside… Continue reading Father’s Day Dot balls

Spring is sprung…..

“Spring is sprung, the grass is ris. I wonders where the birdies is. They say the birds is on the wing. Ain’t that absurd? I always thought the wing was on the bird.” My Mum always recited this at the first hint of Spring when I was a child. It is well and truly stuck… Continue reading Spring is sprung…..

Christmas Eve, power cuts and candles

First came the torrential rain and then house shaking winds to Surrey. Next all went dark and silent in our homes as electricity disappeared just after midnight Christmas Eve morning. We did not sleep as winds so noisy and felt as if the outside of the house was being ripped apart. We were the lucky… Continue reading Christmas Eve, power cuts and candles

Autumn memories

In autumn down the beechwood path. The leaves lie thick upon the ground. It’s there I love to kick my way. And hear their crisp and crashing sound. I am a giant,and my steps Echo and thunder to the sky. How the small creatures of the woods Must quake and cower as I pass by!… Continue reading Autumn memories